[Notice]Change corporation name(Monstercube→Metacube)

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Change corporation name(Monstercube→Metacube)

We notificated that Monstercube change corporation name.
Before : Monstercube.co.,ltd
After : Metacube.co.,ltd

We always thanks all that interested to SOC project.
To notification that Monstercube.co.,ltd change corporation name and logo to Metacube.co.,ltd, november 29th, 2021.

The new corporation name ‘Metacube’ is a change of name to set and achieve the Metaverse, which is currently receiving the most attention in the blockchain market, as the future of the foundation.

Names of the websites and services previously marked as Monstercube will be changed sequentially.

Please your interest in the SODA Project, we will more developed further in the future.
Thank you.



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