[Notice] Impersonating CEO case

Hello, I`m Official SODA Administrator.
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We recently detected case by impersonating CEO. The impostor has inducing investment in operating stock and exchange rate margin trading by KakaoTalk and SNS.

Our company never asks for investment inducement, stock and coin transaction through SNS / KakaoTalk, etc. or provides investment information.

If you`re contacted with KakaoTalk or SNS that disclosed name of CEO or company name in the profile, please report it to the CYBER BUREAU or request confirmation to our customer center.

Detected scam methods :

  1. Impersonating our CEO and company information such as Monstercube(Metacube) and Bitberry disclose on the profile then contact victim.
  2. Request for deposit and confidentiality in the name of attracting initial capital investment for manipulation.
  3. After inducing access to the scam site (HTS KOREA), request a deposit to purchase the manipulation.
  4. Absconded after confirmation of deposit.

We would like to inform you that we will take active measures in relation to the above incident, and please be extra careful not to cause any damage.

Please be careful.

Bitberry team.