[Notice] Fever mode update for To The Moon

Hello, I`m Official SODA Administrator.
I`ll deliver SODA project ecosystem&issue and latest news for you from this Medium channel.

Today we introduce ‘Fever mode’ that additional new feature of To The Moon app.

Fever mode is feature that has occurred randomly when using To The Moon service. If active Fever mode, that earning Moonlight point double while watching ads through Fever Mode. Specific details are as follows:

  1. When Fever mode has activated, user need press ‘Fever mode’ button. If user doesn’t press Fever mode button, it doesn’t run.
  2. When Fever mode has activated, ads runs full screen that user`s smart phone during 10 minute. And during Fever mode, it only activate ‘Quit Fever mode’, ‘Return to App’ buttons.
  3. If regardless of remaining time of Fever mode press ‘Quit Fever mode’ or ‘Return to App’, Fever mode end.
  4. When activation time of Fever mode exfires, watching ads runs end automotically.
  5. Some products (ex : foldable phones), abnormal operation may occur in Fever Mode.

To The Moon Apps download & update link as follows.

Please your interest in the SODA Project, we will more developed further in the future.
Thank you.



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