[News] Update Xangle Crypto Rating service(XCR)

Official SODA Administrator
1 min readNov 10, 2022


Hello, I`m Official SODA Administrator.
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We notice to update Xangle crypto rating service for Sodacoin(SOC).

Xangle Crypto Rating(XCR)

Xangle Crypto Rating Service (XCR) is a crypto rating implemented by Xangle, a trusted institution.
Xangle provides evaluation results through diversified analysis of business models and practical uses based on virtual assets through XCR.

Xangle’s virtual asset evaluation is divided into various categories, and the results are symbolized with quantitative scores and constant grades so that investors can easily and intuitively obtain information about the risk level of virtual asset investment.

SOC`s rating is B-.
At the next XCR, We will refine the project to be more robust so that the Soda project can prove to be a quality project.
Specific detail is as follows :


Please your interest in the SODA Project, we will more developed further in the future.
Thank you.